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Water Damage Restoration

You have no control over flood and other natural disasters but you do have control over who cleans it up. SERVICEXPERTS is available and waiting for your call. We provide 24 hour emergency service for quick and reliable clean up. We have helped Commercial and Industrial Properties Management companies, School Districts, Hotels as well as residential homeowners. We are capable of handling areas up to 500,00 square feet.

Did you know that fast response to your water damage is the best way to minimize damage to your home? After water damage has occurred, mold and mildew can begin growing in as little as 72 hours. This leads to mal-odors and is an extreme health hazard. You might not know that the homeowner’s own attempts to solve the problem, often makes the overall task of servicing water damage for the professional more difficult. Immediate response and quick drying is part of the most effective way to eliminate mold and mildew. To ensure against mold and mildew we use a very high quality anti-microbial, biocide that kills all mold spores upon contact.

Once we arrive at your home, an immediate extraction process for removal of water begins. This will help to eliminate any possibility of mold and mildew contaminates to the rest of your home. Once the extraction is completed, we then use extremely high heat dehumidifiers to dry the atmosphere. We combine this with the use of high speed fans whichcreate t he necessary airflow in the space to completely dry the area.

Our dehumidifiers have the capability of removing moisture from basements, drywall,
carpets and insulation. We reduce the amount of drying time by adjusting the
locations and different types of dehumidifiers that we use. This saves you money in
restoration and replacement costs. Our long term relationship with insurance
adjusters ensures that you get the best pricing and all of the services that you
deserve, per your policy.

We use only the most up-to-date equipment in our remediation.

  • Force 9 Air Movers with Stacking Rings
  • Dry-Air Gale Force Air Movers
  • Dry-Eaz Ace Air Mover Turbo Dryers
  • Driz-Air 1200 Refrigerant Dehumidifiers
  • Dri-Eaz Dehumidifiers LGR 2800i and the 3500i
  • Hydro Force Chemical Atomizers

SERVICEXPERTS will provide you with professional and knowledgeable re installation and reconstruction. We have 30 years of experience. We use only the highest quality materials to reconstruct your home:

  • New water resistant padding.for any carpeting that we replace.
  • The use of proprietary products such as Kilz® and Benefect®.


  • Must sign our work authorization form.
  • Must sign our invoice.
  • Must have valid Homeowners insurance.
  • *Must have a valid claim number from your insurance company.

*If you are not insured a deposit is required, with 30 days, to pay the balance.

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