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Mold Remediation


There are about several types of mold growth that can occur within your home. All of them are dangerous to the health of everyone in the home, especially your children. Stuffiness or a runny nose may be the sign of mold allergy. Other common health problems caused by mold are shortness of breath, coughing or wheezing. You may experience asthma-like symptoms even though you do not suffer from asthma. Mold is not always visible to the human eye. You or someone you care about may have symptoms commonly associated with exposure to Mold Spores.

If you see or suspect mold growth, immediately give Servicexperts a call at (603) 365-6061. Do not attempt to remediate the problem yourself. This leads to creating more problems than it solves. We are experts with over 20 years of experience. This experience is what makes it possible for us to guarantee our work.

Our 11 Step Process in Remediation

1. We identify the source of the moisture to cut off the lifeline of the mold. We will recommend that you repair these problems to prevent the mold from re-occurring or becoming larger. This may involve fixing a leaking pipe or drain, or drying a damp area. This is what enables us to guarantee our work. We will send a formal proposal to you via email within 48 hours and most times, we can include an estimate.

2. We Dry Wet the non-moldy areas to prevent the continued growth of the mold.

3. We then sample and test the indoor quality of the atmosphere and the surface areas affected by the mold. We will then send the sample of the mold to a Certified laboratory to determine the exact type of mold spores. The results of the laboratory report determine how we will remediate your mold problem.

4. Protective masks and body gear are worn by our trained professionals to comply with OSHA requirements and protect our safety.

5. We then contain the area by placing plastic barriers to quarantine the area from the remainder of the home.

6. We use HEPA filtration systems to capture airborne mold spores. This cleans the air down to .03 microns.

7. The removal of the mold by Dry Ice sandblasting or High Pressure washing. Both of these methods have been approved by the EPA. High Pressure washing is done at a temperature of 230°, with an anti- microbial biocide applied during the washing. This biocide (Benefect®), kills mold spores upon contact. While the biocide is allowed to work over several hours we use several sources of high heat and dehumidification along with high speed air movement to properly abate the mold.
Dry Ice sandblasting is used when the containment of the area that we work in is especially critical.

8. Treatment of the adjacent surfaces areas to ensure that the mold does not spread.

9. We then dry down the entire work area with heavy duty, professional drying equipment.

10. If applicable, we paint all surface areas worked on with Kilz® premium oil based, primer sealer, thus preparing the surfaces for painting or staining.

11. Retaking of a mold spore test after our work to ensure that no mold spores remain.

Your Mold Problem is Now Solved and Guaranteed!

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