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Wood Flooring Sales and Installation


Our showroom features some of the best wood flooring products that you can buy. A quality hardwood floor adds warmth, elegance, and increases the value of your home. Because of its ease of maintenance and hardness, wood flooring allows you to have the healthiest of living environments. We offer a full range of wood species, grades, colors, sizes and finishes to meet the needs of any home owner. Not only do we feature the wood, we also offer installation

We offer both solid and engineered wood flooring. Engineered flooring (often called Laminate Flooring), is a floating system that can be laid on almost any surface. It provides an alternative for homeowners looking for the “wood floor” look without the costs associated with solid hardwood floors. It also allows for some outdoor, covered applications such as covered porches. In some cases, such as Konecto® , there are products including Metrofloor® and Solidity® that are actually made of vinyl which look like wood and offer the ease of a pre-finished surface that is easy to maintain as well as install.

Appalachian, Bruce and Goodfellow are all Canadian companies. These companies control the entire process of tree selection, milling, kiln-drying and finishing.

Appalachian Hardwood Floors

Bruce Hardwood Floors

Mohawk Flooring

Goodfellow Flooring

Kahrs Flooring

Konector Flooring


That means that no outsourcing is done for any of the processes involved in the production of their wood products. That is how they can present a product that is absolutely even, straight and a dream to lay down for installers.

Kahrs is a Swedish company which exerts the same control over their product as do the Canadian companies discussed above. A quality hardwood floor adds warmth, elegance, and increases the value of your home. Furthermore, it strengthens and stabilizes the structure of your home.

We offer a large variety of species and grades of wood as well as colors. Each have their own characteristics as well as proper applications. Our Sales people will be able to properly advise you on the proper choice for your needs. Choosing hardwood really comes down to the subtleties of the surface grain variations. We’ve got one that is sure to fit your aesthetic preferences.

Some customers expect us to be able to match the “big box” store prices. In some cases, we can be very competitive. However, we are quite different in our approach to service. First, we let you take sample boards home with you. Second, we offer you the coffee of your choice brewed in our Keurig machine. Third, we allow you to sit down on our couch while we bring you the samples that you’ve narrowed in on.

American Cherry
Uniform in color and tone Orangey after time, changes to cherry
Black Walnut Expresso
Walnut Earth
Hard Maple
Combines planks from Prestige and Antique Grades Classic
Hickory Gunstock
Red Oak
Simulates the more varies look of a Vintage hardwood floor Amaretto


Brazilian Cherry
Showcases the true character of the Species. Long and short planks Camelot
Tigerwood Orange-tan to deep Reddish Brown
From the Chinese Tree Natural

These are just a few of the many hardwood floor options that we offer. We could go on for pages with all of the offerings, but we hope that you get the idea. Just because you do not see your choice listed here, does not mean that we do not offer it. Ask our Sales people when you come in for the wood of your choice.
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