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Quality Flooring Designs

Come on in and have a seat on our couch. Enjoy a cup of coffee of your choice, from our Keurig brewer. Relax and let the stress of life lift off your shoulders.

We know that the decision to change the look of your home can be somewhat daunting. It may be that you have a mental picture of what you’d like the room to look like, but the salesman just isn’t getting it. Our philosophy is quite different. We believe that you should do most of the talking and we should be listening. No high pressure sales here. We view our service as providing you with the best possible advice rather than trying to sell you the particular “hot item” that month.

Our showroom is stocked with samples of fine carpets, luxurious wood and eye catching tiles, both in porcelain and ceramic. We have all styles of carpets and solid wood as well as “floating systems” and laminates. Each sample has been carefully selected to meet the contemporary styles and yet fall within the budget of our customers. Our experience of being in over 2,500 homes has taught us what the primary concerns of homeowners are when they decide to modify the appearance of their living space.

We offer solutions for both residential and commercial applications. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, show us a sample, or color, and we will do our best to get you the first selection of your choice.

Our purpose is to make your visit to us as pleasant as we possibly can. We understand that many buying decisions are based upon a relationship. Our goal is to build a relationship with you that will be long lasting.

Our showroom is conveniently located 98 Amherst St., Amherst NH 03031.

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