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Carpet Cleaning

No matter how often you vacuum, your carpet will still need heavy-duty cleaning from time to time. Professional cleaning is required to maintain your carpet’s warranty.

Hot water extraction, which is the process that we use, is required to maintain most warranties. It is recommended that a trained professional perform this service at least every 12-18 months to refresh the texture and to rejuvenate the fibers in your carpet.

Our carpet cleaning services include a host of included bonus tasks. All of the tasks listed below are included in our quoted price to you; As our valued customer, we want you to be totally satisfied when we leave your home. Most people tell us that the next day they think that they have a new carpet in the house, after cleaning by Servicexperts.

We give you all of these tasks in our one-quoted price to you. You know exactly what the job will cost and what services are included in our price. We will:

  • inspect your carpets.
  • give a detailed estimate for our recommended cleaning processes.
  • If necessary, we move your furniture out of the way (not large items like: dressers beds, vanities etc.), we only ask that you pick up all smaller items.
  • protect your furniture with plastic tabs and Styrofoam blocks.
  • protect your entry flooring with cloth tarps.
  • protect your drywall and fine furnishings with corner guards.
  • pre-spray for heavily soiled carpets
  • use Spot removers for tough to get stains.
  • will Power scrub carpets that have heavy soil
  • then use a Truck mounted steam extraction process to clean your carpets
  • will apply deodorizers and disinfectants for mal-odors and urine treatment clean up
  • groom your carpets for final inspection.
  • You inspect your carpets after we have completed cleaning.
  • then return any necessary furniture that has been removed by us

Additional Services Available

We can protect your carpets from spotting and permanent soil patterns with SCOTCHGUARD®.
We use DUPONT TEFLON® if necessary on your carpets.
We clean Oriental rugs using steam extraction and a low moisture method combined with an alkaline neutralizing agent.
We can clean your upholstery using a Dry or Steam process.
Hardwood and Tile surfaces cleaned.

Do you have a special cleaning need?

We have provided special services upon request. Just tell our technician what you need and we will do our best to accommodate you.

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